We don’t sell SEO as an add-on service, we build it into the site’s architecture from day one. From ensuring the keyword density of your copy is just right, through to the hierarchical organization of content wrapped around the appropriate SEO tags to ensure your best chance of getting noticed amongst your competitors.

Ongoing, SEO requires nurturing and maintenance to keep pace with Google’s ever-changing algorithms on which they rank sites. There is not always any rhyme or reason as to how they go about this and what drives them to do it, however, they clearly need to keep the balance between their PAID SEARCH product and the FREE RANKINGS that drive SEO results. The last major update occurred in December 2020, and like most other updates, we never know when they are due. The May 2021 update, however, was announced a full year in advance. It is highly unusual for Google to do this.


Your SEO success will also be driven by the sector you are in and the competition you are competing with. For example, if you are a mortgage broker and you want to optimize for “Best Mortage Rates Melbourne” then your chances of even making a dent in the SEO market are minuscule. The big banks and lending agencies have teams of developers whose primary role is to optimize for SEO. Furthermore, these sites have an enormous digital footprint and pedigree going back to the beginning of the internet that are key drivers in how search engines rank sites.

If you need to engage such a team, there are plenty of Melbourne SEO Agencies that can assist you in your business goals.

Our view of SEO is that it needs to be part of a larger marketing strategy because it’s not a channel that can be 100% depended on, such is the changing landscape of free-search rankings.